A Wonderful Hero

As a birthday treat on Thursday I went to the cinema with a friend to see Wonder Woman this week. I may have been turning 43, but inside I was as excited as an eight year old on Christmas Eve. The trailers and early reviews had more than piqued my interest, and although it was a clear departure from the Linda Carter TV show I had loved as a kid, it seemed to perfect for 21st century me.

I can report that I absolutely adored it. I was been amazed, enthralled and at times emotional. On several occasions I had to stop myself from the breaking the Wittertainment code of conduct, of standing up and whooping my enthusiasm.

The film is truly kick ass. The scene of Diana rising into No Man’s Land and taking the brunt of the German attack, was just one of many balletic pieces that both had your pulse racing and your eyes wide in awe. But the action was always essential to the plot, and though spectacular was never gratuitous or over-extended (see Man of Steel, where the last 20 minutes were just an unending borefest of punching back and forth. It ruined that film for me).

I know there have been some criticisms of the relationship between Diana and Steve, that it was disappointing for a strong female lead to be influenced by her affection for a man. However, as a proud feminist I don’t agree. I don’t want to give away any plot spoilers, but this element is an important character arc. If humanity are intent on slaughtering each other in their millions, why should she help them? To counter balance the violence and cruelty, you have to show the romance and tenderness.

I thought it was delicately played out, and far from compromising our hero actually made her more well-rounded. The bond between the two seemed genuine, and she didn’t save the world because of her love for a man (as suggested by some). She saved the world to allow love to conquer hate, and there is nothing reductive about that.

(Lets not forget than male superheroes usually have a this kind of emotional subplot – Captain America, Iron Man, Superman).

And isn’t it amazing that in 2017 we have a cinematic hero who is not only brave, strong, determined with super strength and lightning speed; but also kind, compassionate, affectionate and caring.

I love this film. I love the character Gal Gadot, Patty Jenkins and the writers have created. It has been long overdue, and I can’t wait to see it again.


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